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1. Who the fuck comments a picture of chicken dressed up? (By Matt)
2. So thats the chick that cheated with my boyfriend................... (By RahulS).
3. Oh, how cute... you guys post a photo of my ex-wife... (By Gabriel).
4. Yup, a real product of the south - KFC in a nascar suit. (By Zinger).
5. Wow, another awsome George Bush speech (By BOB SAGET).
6. am i the only one who has noticed that his wings are IN his pants!! poor cute chicken,
probably is very confused in this big world... (By Lauren)
7. Oh fuck me, Austrian flag is alive! (By Konstantin).
8. Watch out, cute chicken! Chickenlover from behind! Really nice diaper suit, btw ^^ (By Patros)
9. That's an awesome chicken. If I was half as cool as that chicken, I'd die from extreme awesomeness. (By Captain Alex).
10. Wtf- I lost that suit years ago! (By Nhb).
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And, finally, Packock's biggest fan:
"Me and my friends were at school and they went on this site with the volume turned up all the way, and it was so quiet until....
BUCK-BUCK! everyone started laughing their heads off!!!!!!! LOL oh and ur iiiiiiii
doesn't work anymore. oh yea and another thing, last year with my class, someone went on
and all u heard was that hilarious song!!!!!!" (By packock chicken's friend! lol).

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